[Buku] Pedalling Around the Peninsula (Sandra Loh)

Pedalling Around the PeninsulaPedalling Around the Peninsula by Sandra Loh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally, the long journey of two strong-spirited persons covering four corners of the peninsula Malaysia is ended.

I mean, my reading.

I enjoyed the ride, especially the emotional cycling from Jeli, Kelantan until both Sandra and Mak went to separate ways in Gurun. Its really an awesome experience and I do envy their courage and strong will to start, moreover to end the ride, just the two of them.

I love the details of the journey, somehow I felt a bit lack of satisfaction. Maybe its due to the "repeatedness " of the story, like how big or small was the room, taking turn for shower, who woke up first, etc.

Anyhow, its a worth reading book.

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