Ubah gaya hidup!


For most of us, it just a number.

Yes. It is a number. Nobody can argue on that.


How about we put two letters in front of them?

Say, R and M.

Now, it turns into RM 500.

For a Malaysian, the number with those characters has its own value.

A value to buy.

A value to pay.

That’s for a Malaysian. In general.

Let’s see how RM 500 values to sharulnizam, a Malaysian, a father of two, a husband of one, for the month of April, 2006.

Kids : RM 200
Groceries/Wet Foods : RM 200
Bills : RM 500
Makan minum : RM 200
Mak : RM 500
Kutu-kutu : RM 200

Errr.. shall I continue?


The total of given list (part of them actually) already big enough to compare with RM 500.

So, ask me again.

What is RM 500 value to me?

Find me the answer, please.


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  1. hmmm... cam perit jek kan... tu blum lagi consider minyak yg dah naik harga... aduh penin penin penin... duk bulan pun syok gak ....

  2. dcharmed, this is the best time to implement our beloved TPM suggestion, "ubah gaya hidup"!

    moh la kita ubah beramai! duduk umah nak roboh, makan benda2 yg ala2 fear factor.. untung2 leh masuk rancangan Bersamamu TV3.