Driving experience on Thursday morning

It has been quite a long time I did not drive to Kuala Lumpur, specifically to my office. Since I have registered myself as “mat rempit” 2 years ago, my Honda Wave 125 has been my loyal companion as my transportation. I am too comfortable with my Honda, as it is fast, cheap and easy.

And today, for the first time ever I drove my Avanza to office as I need to go out for a meeting at noon. And as I expected, its such a nightmare. A normal 15 to 20 minutes ride with my “kapchai”, has been dragged to 95 minutes by driving! A simple math calculation; its equivalent to 1 hour and 15 minutes!

And, the most horrible part is, I listened to this radio channel which they hire the dumbest moron dee jay on the earth to “cheer up” their listener. As I was still able to control my anger towards those drivers that overtake my car harshly and illegally, the words that came out from the DJ’s stinky mouth made my head like being hammered with a blunt axe.

He was reading SMSes from the listeners and most of it about traffic in KL. And one of the SMS sounds like this (more or less);

Kami bayar tol patutnya dapatlah elakkan kesesakan, tapi makin lama makin teruk

I bet you guys can understand what it means. I definitely agree with that SMS as it is a fact. Tell me which highway that you need to pay toll and it is guaranteed that the condition and facilities of the highway is good? Its hard to name one, at least for me.

So, then this DJ gave his laugh on that SMS. I bet it was a sarcastic one, as immediately he put his brainless comment;

Hey hey.. jangan komplen komplen. Nan...

Again. I cant remember the exact response from him, but I understand that the meaning is “just accept it, don’t ever you complaints on what have been given to you”.


What a shallow minded person he is. Is it a sin to say the truth? Must you always just accept everything, and should not request for more eventhough you deserve it?

Malaysia oh Malaysia!


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  1. avanza skarangggg....ahvanzaaaaaa!!!

  2. bila MyV dah jadi Ahvanzaaaaaaaaaaaa???

  3. miaahahahahah....
    dah lama dah ada avanza..
    dah masuk setengah tahun dah..