Buaya, Dugong dan Port Dickson

Few days ago, there was a chaos in Port Dickson, or PD, the famous beach for picnic in west Malaysia. Everyone was talking about a dead crocodile found at one of the beaches. I don't know the details. I neither read newspaper nor watching news on tv.

And that's the latest hottest news on PD. Other than that, nothing extravaganza.

Me and the family are on our second night in one of the hotels, in PD. Ummi is attending a workshop and we decided to join in, to accompany Ummi and at the same time having our weekend holiday. Kids enjoying their days in pool, playing video games, sleeping and having a good rest in the comfort room.

But we really spent a good time in the pool. "We" clearly means the kids and their ABAH. Ahahah!

Now PD has another hot news.

"Seorang dugong dewasa ditemui bebas berkeliaran di sebuah kolam renang sambil memperagakan lemak-lemak pejalnya tanpa rasa ragu-ragu, di sebuah hotel di PD".



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