Kempan Budi Bahasa?

I have been taught by my parents, my teachers to be kind with everybody regardless of their race, religion, gender or age.

I did and I do.

Whenever I did the good things (if I can say that), I remind myself not to seek for a reward. So, if people around me do not do as what I did to them, I will just ignore.

But I must admit I failed sometimes.

Still, I have nothing to bother about that.

Except, when it comes to family, I hardly can compromise.

Poor Haris
Syah is on leave today. She needs to settle things related to our new in coming car. I was with her earlier, but later left for work.

I thought it can be settled fast and easy. When Syah “sms”ed that she needs to go to KL (to an insurance company), I felt uncomfortable. Together with Haris, she went there by LRT. Being guilty, I asked her to drop by at KLCC station on her way back, so I can treat them a lunch.

Seeing Haris with Syah from far, made me really delighted. I have been leaving them (of course, together with my princess Hanim) for 3 days, as I was out stationed to Ipoh. Haris happily ran to me like he has not been seeing me for a long period. A 3 years old boy is just excited being away from home. However, the “happy moment” last for few minutes, until Syah said,

“Bang, dalam LRT tadi, takde sorang pun bagi Haris duduk! Mamat yang duduk tu...”

What the fish!! My little skinny boy was not offered for a seat by morons and idiots that sat on benches that granted for disabled, pregnant women or kids. I just cant imagine Haris has to stand all the way in his travel in the LRT. I still can accept if it was only Syah being treated like that, as long as she is healthy enough to do so. But, it is so unacceptable for Haris.

While having lunch, my heart aching fast and at a moment, I felt like I just want to cry. I am not that sensitive, but as I said earlier I cant accept things like this happen to my family, especially my kids. I still can not believe how “pitiless” my son was being treated by those selfish Malaysians.


I have no mood to write more. I am leaving the office. I miss Haris, Hanim and Syah.

Oh! Before that!

A memo to my beloved government, from an emotional father.

With RM 4.4 billion that you pulled out from oil and gas subsidies, the amount that you said to enhance the public transport services, please, please find any way that possible to educate Malaysian to be more considerate. Don’t just put the blame on parents; self development is part of your job as well.

Make you “Kempen Berbudi Bahasa” real, not only in media!

Oh! And please. If to execute this requests another amount of budget, please don’t take it out from the subsidies, again.


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  1. I think we need small screen in our lrt.. just like the one yg dalam erl tuh.. tayangkan iklan Kempen Berbudi Bahasa tuh.. at least out of 10 people yg xde kesedaran tuh, adelah 2 org yg sedar harapnyer..

  2. i have witnessed worst case scenario... all the way from kl cntral to seremban.. just imagine... in more than one hour of travelling... one macho man didn't offer a seat to a mommy with his cute little boy (didukung)... shitto! i even saw one girl.. berebut dengan this one comel budak... (2 year maybe) tuk duduk kat satu sear kosong... and end up with that girl yg duduk dulu... dengan muka yg tak bersalah langsung! lagi stupido!

    Malaysian people... ade yg ok ade yg worst!

  3. i think singaporean even better.