I don’t know his full name, until today. The only things that I know about him are;
  • he is my “dua pupu”. I don’t know what the word in English is. Is it “second cousin”? Basically, his mother and my mother are cousins, as my grandfather and his grandfather are brothers.
  • He is the second from 5 of his siblings
  • He is one year older than me
  • He is married but I don’t know when was it
  • He stays somewhere in Cheras
That’s all. That’s all about Tuah that I know. I used to have a chat with him, maybe it was 7-10 years ago. I rarely met him compared to his younger brother, Johan, which both of us went to UUM for our degree back in late 90s. I will definitely meet Johan or his younger sisters, Nino and Mek, usually during Aidilfitri. But not Tuah, neither the eldest among them, abang Mus.

So, I cant write much about him.

But today (in fact, since yesterday) he already left his siblings. He left his parents, Acik Ju and Acik Bahrin. Sadly, he also left his wife which he married since 6 years ago, which now is carrying their first child in her womb.


Tuah now is in another “world”. He passed away yesterday’s evening. He had an accident while riding his bike for work. He died immediately at the incident scene. Not much details that I know, but it is believed that he had a hard damaged internally.

To Tuah’s family, please accept our condolence.



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