Fail to deliver

One happy morning, I went for a breakfast at the café which located at the same building of my office. Looking at the menu, it was not tempting enough for me to spend my hardly earned money for the morning meal. So, I just picked up one piece of local donut and walked straight to the counter.

I ordered a drink. It was out clear that I mentioned I want a glass of “Milo Tarik”. The counter girl aka makcik nodded, indication of understanding. I paid and walked to a table, and start to munch my donut.

10 minutes. My “milo tarik” is still not on my table. Lucky I got Shariff and Shaja to talk to. If not, I might leave without having my drink.

Finally, my milo is delivered. And it was “milo panas”, not “milo tarik”. I bet you can tell the dissimilar by looking at the bubbles on the surface. Less and small bubbles definitely shows its not being “tarik”ed at all.

I asked the waiter to pick my drink and send me back the correct one, as ordered. He took, and in a jiffy the glass was already back on my table.

Sigh. No different from the earliest version.

And I start to nag. Not to the waiter, but to Shariff and Shaja. Hahahah! It was so frustrating with the service which they were not able to deliver a simple request. First, it took so long to get the drink ready whilst it was only two tables occupied with customer. Second, they not even understand what their client wants.

I mean, looking at what I requested was simple. I ordered a glass of Milo, which I need it hot, but at the same time I can gulp in without needing to sip them in so many times. If I want it to remain hot until I finish my meal, than I should order for “milo panas” instead. Any "tarik" drinks should be warm, but not that warm that incline to cold. It remains its hot. That’s the reason I request the “milo” to be “tarik”ed. And it is also not about bubbles. Bubbles are actually the value-added. It occurs because of the purpose, not the purpose itself.

So, they fail to understand what is required, therefore they fail tremendously to deliver.

I guess there's a lesson to be learn, at least to myself. :)


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