TGONTG 5 : How it begins?

As a start, let we just call the company that I recently left as T. I don’t want to reveal the name, eventhough most of you already know which company that I went. Let we keep it among ourself.

Oh! For those who don’t know, you can make your own guess for what is “T” stands for. I don’t mind. It’s a global variable. “Tipu” could be the value. Ahahha!

My contact with company T started in 2006. A friend of mine, or better to mention my x-boss from my previous company (name it as C) called and asked whether I am looking for other opportunity. I was working with company S that time. She’s in company T and she offered a position as a senior executive in her department. I rejected, as I already tendered my resignation to pursue my career in an MNC company. Nevertheless, I agreed to attend the interview. Things went smoothly, but end up I declined her offer. Yeah, working in a MNC is a very big thing for me, so why should I let it go?

That’s the end of offer 1.

Then, its 2007. I left the MNC and work in company B. Yeah, you still can put any value for what is “B” stands for. If I may suggest, you just call them as “Bodoh”. :) Ahahah! Jahat gila.

Its just about time. Working in company B is a nightmare. I was looking for an escape, and T company like having a sixth sense. The x-boss call me again. The same offer she gave, but this time as Assistant Manager. Great! I just agree. But things were not gone well. Company T had a restructuring on the organization structure. So, new intake has been frozen.

End of offer 2.

End of 2008. I re-join S company. Yeah, I admitted that it was a “pre-arranged” employment, but I must tell that it was not only S giving the opportunity. I had another offer which gave me better benefit. It’s a MNC company however the job is still in technical. Thus, I decided to join S as the job gives me more opportunity for career development.

I felt like I am home when I work in company S. Familiar faces, professional working ethic. I have went through a challenging year before, and being in S is such a bless. A plus point, the office shifted to Sentul. A 20 minutes drive from home (including traffic and maximum speed of driving is 60 km/j).

Things were okay until its approaching the end of my probation period. The x-boss did it again! She called and asked me to join her. And the position offered also has been upgraded from AM to Manager. The salary? Yummy!

So, it’s the third offer. I wasn’t looking for any job and didn’t plan to do so at that point of time. But this is the third offer. 3 kali woooo… takkan tak goyah? Lu tgk dia punya gaji yang dioffer, tangkap leleh beb!

So, I guess that’s the beginning of TGONTG 5.

*Next entry, TGONTG 5 : To Go Or Not To Go


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  1. buat2 la solat istikharah.., yg terbaik bagi kita, tdk semestinya terbaik dlm perencaan Allah swt...

  2. hahahhaa.... ber K-K ler skang ni ek?? meh la pass sini sket...