SPM '94 : Chapter 1

Minggu lepas result SPM 2008 keluar. Adik ipar aku, yang paling bongsu, salah seorang dari calon. Keputusan? Warna-warni. Ada A. Ada "tak" A. Ehehe! Boleh la tuh.. acceptable.

As expected, the news on tv, paper will give more attention on which student that have more A. Its pathetic, as people (or maybe it’s the media) nowadays are more concern on the quantity of A in the result, rather than the quality of the students. When I read on paper (yes, I do read newspaper but only for news other than stupid idiot news about Malaysia political survival) regarding the success of these young generation, it reminds me the same moment that I went through, 14 years back! Its 1995.

I am sharing with you the feeling, not the total amount of As that I got! :P

It was Aidilfitri, and when the result is told to be announced within a week, me and Zaidi, my classmate which happen to stay nearby, plan to go to MRSM Muar by ourself, without our parents to come with. First, we believe that we’re no longer a student. We have graduated from high school, so we are now entering to adulthood. We can decide, we can take care of ourself. Ahahah! Second, we want to hang up with friends, before and after we get the result. With parents, you cant do that. :)

So, off we go to Ulu Tiram a day before the result being announced. We went to Esa’s house, another classmate of us. It was a great moment, spending time together after few months not meeting each other, with friends that you met almost everyday for the past two years,. Please be aware that we have no mobile phone, no email and such. The technology is not there yet. The only way to communicate with people (long distance) that time was fixed line phone or letter. Err.. you won’t write letter to your male friends, right?

On the memorable day itself, we set off from Ulu Tiram quite early. I can’t recall whether we went to Muar by bus or someone drove us there. But for sure, we were not the earliest. Lots of familiar faces already there with their parents, siblings, boyfriend or girlfriend. Style? Its 90’s and we still depend on parents money for our apparel, so I must say it was not impressive compared to what we can see today.

I remember that we have to queue in front of the administration office to get our result. Or maybe it was the teacher’s room. Lupa la!

I was in the line and I can see different react from people at the front once they got their result. Most of them felt released, walk away with big grin or smile and the scariest part there were people cried. What could be mine?

I waited for my turn, anxiously.


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