Kenapa aku marah sangat ngan Celcom?

Aku ada banyak sangat sebab. Memang menyakitkan hati, membuang masa dan paling utama membuang duit berurusan ngan puak nih. Bermula dengan roaming charge, sampai ke berukband yg ntah hapa2. Penipu!

I'll tell later.

Tadi, ada orang suruh aku report ke MCMC. Dengan cargasnya terus register, terus post complaint. Dengan kemarahan berbahasa Inggeris, kulayangkan komplen mengisahkan tertindasnya pengguna di Malaysia. Harap MCMC buat tindakan yg sewajarnya.

Bawah ni apa yg aku post;

I have registered to this broadband package "home hop and away" under celcom, which I read the ads at celcom's website around April - June 2009 (now no longer available). It mentioned that I only need to pay RM 108 (a RM 20 topup) as I am an existing user for STREAMYX (1mb - RM 88 per month), for me to entitle celcom's Basic broadband.

However, I have to pay RM 68 instead of RM 20 as I can see in my bills. I have seek for explanation from their customer service (I believe they recorded the conversation) and to my surprise, she said there is no RM 108 package!

This really make me frustrated, as I did some "homework" other than referring to the website, I also made a call to their customer service to gain confirmation on the package. There is no explanation or clarification on the extra charge at all!

Recently I surfed few local forum and found out there are other ppl experiencing the same issue like me. From the forum also I found out that the package price (RM 108) is only applicable for the first 3 months, and the user will be imposed RM138 starting from month 4. This is again, was not mentioned or explained during my registration.

Feeling cheated by the telco, I decided to terminate the service but again, I have been bound with a contract ("surprisingly", this has been CLEARLY highlighted during registration) for 18 months. I have to pay RM 350 if I want to terminate the contract. And the best part is, regardless whenever I plan to terminate the service, the amount will remain the same (RM 350) even though if I terminate the line on the 17th month. Compared to Maxis, it will be pro-rated. Again, I am at the losing side here!

I really have a bad experience with Celcom and this is only one of my complaint. I'll lodge another issue soonest possible for you and your good company to take the necessary action.

For now, I just want to terminate the service without paying the penalty.

Thank you

Marah nih!


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  1. mmg byk hidden cost berukban ni...nak kena paham betul dia punya pakej. takleh harap sgt kat agen...mmg out