Berpuasa di facebook

I might be an annoying status updater at Facebook yesterday, when I flash up this;

"Hari ni nak buka apa ye? Eh, saya tak puasa la. Ni mesti sebab saya teruja tengok status kawan2 berpuasa, tu yang jadi macam tu".

Yup! If you got what I meant, I just being sarcastic, for some reasonable reasons.

Puasa, is such a wonderful ibadah for a muslim. On whatever reason you have for your puasa, it should bring no other than good things. I believe, as a humble muslim, your good deeds will be more valuable if you keep it within yourself, which for no doubt The Almighty already know about it, always!

But, in this few days I can see people keep on updating their status on FB;

"Penatlah puasa hari ni"
"Kat mana nak buka puasa ari ni ye?"
"On the way to ***, nak buka puasa"

Etc. Etc.

Is that necessary? I mean, do you really need to tell people that you are so religious today, fasting while the rest not? Tell me whatever reasons you have, but its definitely a show off.

And, hmmm.. If not all, most of "these" people are ladies. Knowing that Ramadhan is coming in next 2 weeks, and those berpuasa are ladies, isn't it so obvious that they are actually puasa ganti, not puasa sunat? Tell me know, is it necessary for you to tell people that you are actually berpuasa ganti, which you have about 12 months to do so, and you choose to do your puasa only few days before the coming ramadhan.

I am not being ignorance on their reasons, but as I said at the beginning, best if you do it under the radar. I am seeing this as an embarrassment, which at the same time, make me wonder do we really understand why we do the puasa?

I have to admit, if you ask, I can't explain to you why we puasa, other than its one of our Rukun Islam.

Jom belajar.

*maaf sesiapa yang terasa
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  1. letak post then ujungnya ada 'Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.' samo yo jang....muahahaha

    err..maaf..saya berpuasa hari ni. saya bulan Rejab and Syaaban ni tiap tiap hari puasa tawww...kekeke

  2. ehh.. noti tau salman ni.. menci!

    tu ada kemaafan, sebab saya tak tau setting camana nak remove.. ahahahah!

  3. aku terasa la plak..tapinya aku tak buat..hahha..dlm blog ajer..sajer nak berlagak kat ko..anyway..posa ganti aku dah lama habis...nih mmg posa sunat tau...

    anyway thank for the reminder..a good one though .. gulp!

  4. Arnei, FB and blog are totally different. FB ni, update status semua orang tau. While blog is more personalized. You can hide your identity in blog, and then tak semua orang baca. Aku rasa, only 1 out of 50 dari kawan aku kat FB yg baca blog nih.

    Summor, blog is like your diary.

    Aku pun ada cerita pasal aku puasa. Puasa sunat, bukan puasa ganti. Eheheh! Tapi orang tak perasan pun. Kui!