Opera Mini - An Alternative Browser for Blackberry

Blackberry ada browser nya sendiri, which is tak secanggih browser yang sedia ada. Antara feature yang aku harap sangat ada pada browser BB ni ialah multi-tab browsing. Sekarang ini macam IE 6, untuk browse website lain, perlu buka browser baru. Tu kira better than the existing browser untuk BB nih, sebabnya each time nak bukak website lain, I have to close the existing browser. Ni yang aku jumpa "how to" over the net;

  1. Insert a micro SD card into the phone's SD slot. The size is not that important, though I recommend at least 1 GB
  2. Open your regular BlackBerry Browser and put http://www.operamini.com/download/wap/ in the address bar.
  3. Select your phone type and model.
  4. Download the program to your SD card when prompted and answer "yes" to all the installation questions.
  5. Select your preferences and you'll be ready to browse.

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