Cats in the house 2

So, as we already have got the approval, I started to look around if there are any available cats to be adopted. I asked  few of my friends, but the feedback was disappointing. My kids, who have been already excited on the idea of having their own cats, even suggested to me to bring home any cats that we found on the street.


And only then I remember this one organisation that protect stray dogs and cats, called SPCA. So, I google out to find their website, and that's how the new chapter of our life begins. On the website,, there is a section for "adoption", which later brought me to another website, I browsed almost every single page and finally I met the ones that I fall in love with, at the first sight.

I sent an email, asking about the cats and to my luck, the cats are still available but I need to wait as there was another person also interested with the cat. The rescuer, the person that I dealt with, Julie, told me that I need to wait until the person came for interview and then only I will know whether the cats are available for adoption.

While waiting for the feedback, we celebrated Hari Raya back at my wife's hometown, Langkawi. I received few email from Julie on other cats/kitties that available for adoption, but I still prefer the earliest choice. But, when we came back to KL, the kids cant no longer wait. So do I. We then decided to let go the earliest choice, and agreed to adopt the orange kittens namely as Limau, Senyum and Tiger. I showed their pictures to the kids;

Limau, Tiger and Senyum at their sixth-week age.

They immediately love them. :)

The next step was to prepare the kittens' cage, as they need to be kept in the house. I bought a medium size cage with the price of RM 75.

RM 75 

And we are so ready.

On the most awaiting day, me and the kids drove down to Subang as early as 8 am in the morning, to fetch our new member of the family. We met Julie, the one that always committed in rescuing the defenseless hairy creature and had a short chit-chat before we brought back the kitties.

Thanks Julie for all the guidance and kindness.

Me, kids and their kitties

Welcome home!


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