Cats in the house 3

The first day when the kitties arrived our home, honestly I cant stand with the smell. Ignoring whats Julie has said earlier, that I should only use wet towel to clean them, I brought the kitties directly into our kitchen's sink and shower them directly from the pipe. And I used shampoo too. Of course, the kitties meaowing like no business when the cold water start to drop over their skinny bodies.


The kitties then look nicer, though the smell still there. We wrapped them in a dry towel and each of my kids hold them tenderly. And, we officially changed their name to suit with the kids preference.

Senyum (belongs to Abang) is now Opet, which the name comes from one of the character in Upin & Ipin movie.

Limau (belongs to Kakak) is renamed as Oyen, which is referring to Orange/Oren.

Tiger (belongs to Adik) is Bobok.

Opet, Bobok and Oyen


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