Cats in the house

I always have a strong liking on cats, especially the good looking ones. Since my childhood, I have been petting cats until I was 16, the age that I "left" the house for my first boarding school. I still can remember the last cat that I had, I named her Tupai. Shes fat, adorable, cute and of course spoiled. Its hard to be apart from her but I have too. A letter from my brother one day (I doubt its from him, must be my father at the back putting the words for him to write down), crunched my heart when he mentioned that Tupai went missing. No sign at all. I guess, she must be missing me a lot and tried to find me.

Its sad.

But life goes on. I finished my study, went to university, graduated, get a job, married to a beautiful wife and have our own adorable children. A wonderful family.

For another 18 years of my life, theres no cat that I owned.

But today, we have the hairy-creature back into the house. Since last Saturday (10/09/2011), we have new addition into our family; three young and handsome kittens entered our house. I am petting again!

It started when my sister (next door) got herself a stray cat as her pet, and when it started to multiply, the cats make our house as their second residence. Its annoying at the beginning, because I hate them keep on pooing and peeing at my yard. It stink. But my kids just love them, unconditionally. Its fun looking at them playing with the cats, and at one level, some of the cats thought we are their real master. They even wait for us, my wife and I, come back from work. They will wait at the porch, in front of the door and meaowing once we step out from the car, asking for food.

Having the cats, at certain times, is such a therapy after being bundled with endless job (stress) at the office.

Since then, the kids have been requesting to have their own cats. They dont want to "share" the cats with their cousin (my sister's children), because the cousins sometime reluctant to allow my kids to play with their cats. Of course, as a father and a person that once had cats as pet, I agree with them. It just the mother, that we need to persuade her to agree with our mission. After sometime, Ummi finally agreed.

Thanks Ummi.


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