Business Requirement versus Delivery

This is how business is done in the world today.

Client:Our next requirement, this is something big, you know, we need an elephant…
IT Team :But why don't you adjust with a buffalo, even it is big…. and black?
Client:No, we need only elephant, let me explain our current process……………..

(client explains for an hour)
IT Team :Fine, I understand ur requirement. But our system supports only buffalo…
Client:We need only elephant!
IT Team :Let me see if i can customize

Requirement taken :
- Client wants a big black four legged animal, long tail, less hair.
- Having trunk is mandatory.

- The same was documented, signed off and sent to offshore for development!

At the Offshore Development Centre,
Design/Development – Based on requirement all features are supported in base product (as buffalo) , for trunk alone a separate customization is done.

Finally the customization is shown to client

Client looks ....

 …. and faints !!

And IT Team has a strong argument to justify what has been done.  


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