For the first time, I decided not to attend my master class yesterday. Miahahahah!

It was an immediate decision, after we (me and my classmate) found that the subject is not going to be calculated in our CGPA. In fact, we already knew about that since the beginning of this semester.

So, why “ponteng” at only this time?

First, the subject presentation is so boring. The lecturer seems not preparing himself for the class. I almost knock my head on table as his lectures sounded like a bed time singing.

Second, the arrangement of this subject is also a mess. It was the first class I had for this semester, and yesterday was the final. The period between the two, almost 4 months! With only two classes in 4 months, what can you learn?

Third, I am so tired. Tire with my homework, my jobs. I want to relax for at least, a day.

Fourth and the foremost, I miss my family. I miss them so much. I miss to spend my time with Haris and Hanim, and definitely my beautiful wife. Poor them for being “neglected” by me for months. I know they understood me, but it doesn’t help me feel comfortable.

So, after our class on Saturday ended, my friend and I decided.

First thing in our plan, ceramah Anwar Ibrahim at Kuang, Selangor at 9 pm Sturday night! Ehehe!

Second, to spend a day with our own family on Sunday.

We did, without feeling guilt. And we happy. :)

Best jugak ye ponteng kelas… ahahahah!


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