Mari mengundi

"Mari lah mari, pergi mengundi, kita tunaikan kewajipan, pada negara"

Hmm.. thats a must-hear-song during voting period in Malaysia. I can still remember the chorus. And I dare to say it is a “trademark” song for Malaysian, as fine as Sudirman’s merdeka song.

Malaysia is going to have her 12th General Election on this Saturday, March 8 2008. And it will be my third time to execute my responsible as a true Malaysian. I started to vote since I am eligible to do so. I registered myself in 1998, and in 1999 I drew down my first “X”.

I was actually getting excited and boosted up to vote just because of the situation at that period of time. You should know whats happened then. J People were talking about politics like no other business. And coincidently that’s the year I started to have internet access from home. It gave me more access to various resources of whats happening in the country. Then, my adrenaline went up and I was so thrilled to be in the crowd, and feel the heat of the situation.

That’s in 1999.

Gradually, I began to understand the meaning of my vote. Its actually not only for me. Its for my wife and definitely for my children. My vote will contribute to the society, as my vote will determine who my leader is. These leaders will “define” the society’s, or, even the country’s framework. They are the people who represent the public’s concerns and bring it up to relevant parties.

Whatever the result is, I might able to move on. But looking at my hands, I am holding my beautiful kids which by God willing, they are going to live for the next 40 or 60 years. By that time, I might not be around and definitely, I have to give my trust to the leaders to “help” my son and daughters.

That’s how I see my role in this general election.

So, I will definitely go to the polling center. Tomorrow, my vote will help to name the leader of my community. Wish him a very best of luck.

Jom mengundi!


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