TGONTG 5 : Another Last Day

Yup! Today is my last day in my current company. Surprised, huh? Yes. Its surprised me too. I have been here for only 1 month, or to be exact it just 24 days! The shortest job tenure that I’ve ever had!

I am moving out from this company. I have too. It’s the only option that I believe will give me a relief from continuously being confined with uncertainty. Not that I cant wait until things be sorted out, I believe I can. And that is what people around me suggested, stay! Stay until I got the job that I really want or suits me well.

Yes. I can, but for how long I must ask. The company is restructuring the whole organization and business. They require another 3-4 months for them to clear up the business direction and focus. Till that time to come, we just stay and wait. The new boss said it clear, now is time for “makan gaji buta”.

Looking at this scenario, its not a surprise to hear people suggest me to stay. Why not, enjoy the “gaji“ and at the same time look for other opportunity. When chances are already in hand, then I freely can say good bye.

That sounds wonderful.

The fact is, I already lost my trust and hope to the company. Even they want to pay me for just coming to the office with nothing to do, I feel like a DUMB. I am tired with this situation. I hate to admit that all this while I have to wait other people to tell me what I should do next.

I’ll tell how it begins in my next posting.

Meanwhile, if you have any opportunity in training, system development and consultant (all related to IT), do let me know.


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  1. ekau ni takdo la kojo lain....ehehe
    resign resign resign

    gud luck bebeh

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