Pain in the a**

A friend of mine browsing through the internet, as he is looking for more information for his holiday to a four-seasons country in this coming October.

Flight tickets, hotel rates, theme parks and others.

The thing that I admire him is the way he plans for his trip. The details, and how particular he ensures his money is well spent. I learned a lot, though I am not joining him.

But today, its kind of annoying.

Out of the blue, he told me that flight tickets to Jakarta is cheap and I should grab it.

"Why I should go to Jakarta?"
"Hmmm.. errr... hmmm.. shopping?"

Ya! Thats right.

I should go to Jakarta because thats the "right" place for me to spend my hard-earned money.

Or, that is an escape way to tell me, indirectly, Jakarta is the only place I can afford and suits me!

Knowing him, its not impossible the second thought is true.

And, no. I am not belittled Jakarta here.

Its just that I am a bit annoyed with this "prejudice-attitude" of him that people like me, is only suitable or to make associate with things that are not up to normal standard.

Normal standard as for his level.

Ah! I cant remember when was the last time I become such a pain-in-the-arse in my blog, but this time around I cant hold it in.


And pardon my English, yeah?


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