Cycling with Mr Haris

I promised my eldest son so long long ago that I will bring him along if I am going to cycle in my neighborhood.

Weekend after weekend, I never did.

And the amount of guilty feeling is getting bigger every single day.

So, last weekend I finally got my butt on my long abandoned-bicycle. Being hesitate at first, as it was cloudy and I was not really in my mood to cycle. But Haris, my son, was full in excitement and I can see a very big smile on his face. Thus, off we go.

On Saturday, we went for 10 km cycling and to my surprise, Haris didnt complaint much. He enjoyed the moment. He even cycled leisurely, without showing any sign of becoming tire.

Mr Haris
Mr Haris

To begin, its always the hardest. But once you are already on it, you will always looking forward for the next course.

So, on Sunday I decided to do another round of cycling. I told Haris that I am going to cycle, this round the distance will be expanded. Haris was in doubt, as he said his leg muscles were in pain after the first cycle the day before. I said, just relax at home and join me some other day. And I can enjoy my cycling alone.

No. He didnt take the bait.

After we performed the Asr prayer, we start to paddle to the main road. I told Haris to be extra careful, worrying he will less alert on his surrounding while focusing to get on track with me. I slowed down my speed, so that he can catch up.

He keeps on surprising me.

He trailed me less than five meters from the back, and never request for a rest, except twice, both when we climbed up a higher ground.

And, he managed to run three rounds when we stopped by at IIUM Male Sport Complex's running track.

Cycling with Mr Haris
Drink more water

Cycling with Mr Haris
Father and son's selfie

Cycling with Mr Haris
Our bicycles need rest too

Cycling with Mr Haris
Go Haris, go!

Cycling with Mr Haris
On our way back

Haris, abah so proud of you!


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